Spectacle on Flat Street

Hey Guys(and gals),
Heres a pretty recent finished work of mine. I was working on creating a visually appeasing scene using very few polys and giving it a largely 2d look, but of course, throwing my own spin on it, a la’ fancy lighting etc…

I failed slightly on the low poly part, because the clouds ended up using a subsurf modifier, along with the main car, but Im not too worked up, it turned out fine.

Blender Internal, AO, comp nodes, and some work in photoshop. Let me know what you think, feel, percieve…Im game for anything…(Where do you stand on Britney Spears’ custody battle :wink: )


whoa weird!
but unique man, definitely unique.
Well, i kinda notice the blues feeling u got going there.
The window shaders just need a tad bit of work.
Other than that i’d have liked to see a few emitting areas so that i could separate them from the parts i should not be concentrating on.
Good work.
4 stars.

free_ality, good work. Looks really great. If the band thing doesn’t work out, you should consider working in set design. I could see this as a backdrop for Cats! or an off Broadway production of Guys and Dolls. Sweet.

I remember when CD did this flat style thing everyone hated it, now when free ality does it, it gets a pretty good critique. on another note, I like the lighting. It is really atmospheric

@Trak: Thanks man. The window shaders are obviously pretty simple, with photoshopped shadows. I was going for the way-to-simple thing, hoping the lighting would come off better.
As for discerning the focal point, I had some light DoFextending back from the car, which is ovbviously brightly lit. All in all, nto my best iece ever, but I enjoyed it. Thanks for the crits!

@Orinoco: Well thank you! It does have a rather theatrical feel to it :slight_smile: I actually considered doing a simple animation with this(slow cklouds crossing the screen, the bus in the back, flickersing streetlights), but ended up with a still instead. Again, thanks so mcuh.

@watchthis: Actually, I was under the impression that his flat thing was one of his best recieved pieces, but Im not gonna bring him into this thread.
Anyway, thank you, I am pretty happy with how the lighting turned out :slight_smile:


I really like this piece- you’ve put together a great mood with your lighting. The only thing I really don’t like is the clouds.

Thanks :slight_smile: Any particular reason the clouds dont do it for you(just out of curiosity)? Maybe their hard edges?

Anyway, thanks again!

They just kind of stick out in the image- they don’t come out as clouds at first. I think your metaball clouds would work a lot better.

hmm…You may be right…I think Iw as just tryin to stick with teh flat theme, but I’ll give the meta-clouds a try…

It’s alright. I don’t like dark scenes in general, but I’ll let it slide. It feels like it’s a storyboard, and not actually 3D, which I’m sure is what you were going for. Not sure if it works. The stylized disproportionate Alice in Wonderland thing is cool but I think it’s a bit too much. They should look less twisted and a bit more like the original shape.

Ha, thanks for your mercy XD

It is pretty dark(looks best viewed at night, but if I make it lighter, it looks like crap at night). I wasnt going for a stroyboard look, thoughstorybook would be appropriate. And it certainy is pretty stylized in general.

Id have to agree, it is overall not my best :slight_smile: Thanks for your crits, much appreciated

I like it…except for the clouds. I think they should be one piece, and they should maybe have a similar look you did for the windows, with the darkened highlight type of look.
Just my opinion though, it does look nice as is.

Great image! i actually like the clouds.

What might be bothering people about the clouds is that some of them are tilted. Cartoon clouds usually emulate cumulus clouds, which are flat on the bottom and puffy on top. You get the “flat on the bottom” impression by keeping the elipse horizontal. When you tilt one or more of them it throws off the illusion of cloud. Try straightening them out to see whether it looks better.

I really like that 2-d cutout style. This would be perfect for an animation, seeing
that little car cruising down the street. This image has a really nice feel to it.
Good work. :wink:

wow, nice!!

@Superkoop: I think I get what you mean…thanks!

@l.lundstrom: Thanks very much!

@Orinoco: Aha, I get what you mean. I did try that to begin with but, I dunno…it came off kinda happy. ANyway, yeah, you’re probably right.

@Sergeant_Oreo: Thank you :slight_smile:

@JESUSFRK14: You’re to kind.

Thanks for the great crits and comments everybody!

Yeah, puffy white clouds are kind of happy looking. Maybe superkoop’s idea about darkening them would help change their mood to match the rest of the piece.

Freeality, you got style. Keep doing what your good at. :slight_smile:

Ooh… it’s oh so moonlit.:evilgrin:
I like it. (will post crits later)