Spectral Sculpture

After reading the thread about dispersion I found amongst my cycles shader a “Full Glass” node setup, and set about experimenting. I wish I could take credit for the shader, but other than slight modification, it isn’t mine. The problem is, I don’t know who made it (and I can’t find it again with a Google search), so if anyone knows, I’d be happy to give credit.

There’s nothing in either the scene or post to add any colour whatsoever, other than a slightly orange sun (blackbody 5750). Apart from that, there’s a simple white area light, and a desaturated and heavily contrasted HDRI.

Post simply adds the glares. Again, no colour adjustments.

Post a picture of the node setup - somebody might recognise it.

This is the best I can do, it’s a big node setup. The shadow input onwards are my own modification, but everything else is our of the box.