Specular color in cycles

So I started to work a tad on this common lighting practice scene, but before I got too far, I ran into a problem. I couldn’t find a way to control the color of the specular highlingts. For example, the highlights on the banana should be white, but they are yellow.

Any idea how to fix this?

Are you sure they should be white? I mean, I have a banana on my counter and it doesn’t seem white, rather a brighter yellow/green. I know the plastics and glass might have more white spec, but not so sure about fruit. Maybe if you mix a glossy bsdf with a diffuse you might be able to get one by reflecting a white emitter…

Hmm, true I guess a banana is not a good example. However, i did run into this problem with wood as well, which does have white highlights sometimes.

Perhaps with the wood, you are really talking about the polish or polyurethane coating - in this sense, maybe you can adapt some of the techniques used in the car material thread.

Diffuse--------- Mix--------

Glossy controls the highlight colour. Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Artales means something like this:


NB: The lamp is an area lamp type with default values. It emits a pure white color. As you can seen, the glossy shader controls the specularity.

Ya that’s it. Sorry I was ‘sans’ 'puter.

seems to me that as you increase the fresnel effect, you also lose the diffuse color a bit. You need to balance the fresnel effect with adequate lighting, and by increasing the power of your lamp/emmision source, you get a stronger white. I wonder about some kind of math node for tightening the highlight for plastics.

You can use math nodes or the bright/contrast node to modify and tighten the fresnal gradient to the point where there’s almost no transition between solid diffuse and solid glossy.

Do note though that you will need a color mix to clamp the values of the mixing data between 0 and 1 before plugging it in as the fac. otherwise you might be mixing with a much higher range of values and getting a wildly incorrect result.