Specular map tutorial?


Does anyone know any good specular map tutorial wich explains the concept well and also how to make them and use them…:confused:



I haven’t had a complete tutorial about the making and use of the specular, but all is about how
shiny and opaque are the surface of the objects.

Just look at some game props in games, brushed metals look so shiny, and painted objects with old painting will look more opaque, etc…

Here is an example object I did some time ago, look at the vid and look at the animated gif to see how I did the specular



I recommend you thetutorial Hard Surface Texture Painting by Stefan Morrell to understand the complete process :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer!

I’ll check out the tutorial…

I can’t figure out how to make a spec map with Blender (like you use in games to speed up and fake reflections). The only way I can see to do this is to have an env tex map texture applied to each render layer aligned with geometry and normals (not quite sure how to do this) using mix or alpha over appliying only to the areas with spec highlights.

this is a simple black and white map that you do i guess with a paint program or GIMP

the white being the brigtess part of reflection

i think i’v seen an example of specd map at the COG site
use to simualte waves on a pier

anyway if you don’t find it PM me i’ll find it for you

happy blendering

Remember to turn on the “No RGB” button under “Map to” tab.