Specular mapping

I am having trouble understand exactly what specular mapping does… I know if affects the specularity of an object, but how?

I want to use one to control where shadows fall on the face I modelled, and make alpha mapped hair shiney, is this possible?

I played around with one a little bit, and the face was REALLY shiny in some parts…



The skin of the tomato is specular in the sense that it’s able to produce those “shiny spots”. Notice how different it is from diffuse light (the one actually describing the volume and color of the tomato).

What your map is telling Blender is that you want the forehead, eyes, lips and nose to shine like plastic, and the rest to have a matte finish (white means full specularity, black means no specularity.) If you want to control your shadows precisely, you either need to work with your lights, to use diffuse and specular maps to hide certain areas from your lights, or both.

Read more on textures to take full advantage of the materials system.