guys when I render . I cant see specular on the eyes
I use Lamp Area spec and diffuse on
And in the Material spec on too

cant show you more sorry . I hope you can Help me here
all this in blender render

check the roughness value. check the spec transparency.

Not work


I think its eye Bump … but I need Bump . soo How to fix this

Make two materials. One with the diffuse part, and your bump. The other just with the specular part. Make a third material, switch it to nodes, add both previous materials to it and add them.

it works now . But there is no bump
How to add node texture and add it to the nodes

better if you post the blend file with the eyes (only) and the textures packed for better review. Doing a ‘try this’ - ‘not working’ communication loop, it’s totally unecessary.

here is the file

textures not packed!
File >ExternalData > Pack All Into Blend.

And please, use the pasteall.org for uploading blend files.

when I use pasteall.org
how to share th file with you


Ok, I’ve pointed you in the wrong direction… I’ve just now noticed that the eyes don’t have any volume. That won’t help for the specular part, mainly because the specularity is highly dependent of the geometry, and in this case, the geometry is planar.

A solution in this case would be to make your own specular map (something like your eye texture, but with the specular highlight disk on a transparent background), and place it above the eye texture. You may need to tweak the coordinates to place the highlight where you want it, and specially if you plan for animating it.

Or even have the highlight as another object in the front, that you can link to the eye.

can you please do all this in blend file that I sent to you
then sent it to me .

No, I can’t.

There are two main reasons for that:
-No time
-I don’t know anything from the project, and for what i’ve seen (linked projections for uvs), means you’re are for animation. A solution for that requires a bit more effort and specifications (and from a helper point of view, more time, which in first reason I told I’ve not).