Specularity/RayMirror/HDRi bug or problem?

So I’m rendering this metallic-looking thing with blender internal and an hdri probe for lighting. The material has ray mirror enabled. I don’t know what’s causing this, but there are unpleasant bright white non-antialiased [ ha ha… aliased] white specularity things… it’s hard to explain;). Take a look.

Do I have to edit the hdri, perhaps?

A little more info would help . . .

Can you post a thumbnail of the HDRI? a screen shot of the mapping & AO settings? If you posted the packed file, I could take a look . . . I’ve been working with this kind of setup a lot lately.


I just used a different hdri, and it looks fine.:confused:
I think it had something to do with the large white areas of sky in the previous hdri.
So, problem solved – sort of.:wink:

Yeah, sounds like the ‘mirror’ material was actually just reflecting the sky properly. And I’d bet the noisy result of AO was causing the ‘aliasing’.

BTW: In case you weren’t aware of it already, blurring the HDRI will give smoother results in the illumination. And if you use broken’s latest build, it allows for better/more sampling of the AO (along with blurry shadows for all raytrace-enabled lamps).