Speed animating challenge? SaC anyone?

So after messing a bit with “man Candy” (that just sounds dirty) I was wondering who would be interested doing in something like the the speed modeling challenge for animation? nothing like the 2 hour epics or anything but maybe like kicking a ball through a field goal or short clips like that… I think it would be fun… anyone else?

do you think the bot in the smc channel would work with short video clips? you could just use blender render default settings because the rendered look doesn’t matter as much as the overall animation

You could use your own rig or just play with the manCandy rig… or specify before the SaC that its a mancandy SaC or a use-your-own-rig one

just a thought

There are sac’s in the smc channel sometimes, just ask if anyone wants to have one.

sweet! i’ll give it a shot then!