Speed between keyframes


I’m rather new to Blender and I was struggling with my camera when I want it to rotate between two angles.
I set up 2 key frames 100 frames apart with the one 90 degrees and the other 180 degrees. So the camera moves between the two key frames but it starts slow and eventually speed up to a top speed in the middle somewhere and gradually slows down again at the end (frame 100).
Can anyone please tell me how to disable this feature. In other word I would like the camera to have the same rotation speed from frame 1 to frame 100

Thanks in advance!!!:slight_smile:

In a Graph Editor window select the channels you want to change, then use the Key / Interpolation mode menu and select Linear. Or press V and set the curve handle to Vector

In the File / User Preferences / Editing panel you can change the New F-Curve Default from Bezier to Linear (Then Ctrl+U to save option) so any new animations use linear interpolation.

Thank you Richard!!!
Appreciate the help, It worked great!!