"Speed Chess"

This is something I’ve been working on… an animated chess game, something along the lines of Gerti’s Game, though the chess pieces will move by themselves without the human players. (Er, player, actually.) Right now the animation is about halfway done, though lately I’ve been quite busy and haven’t had time to work on it. It will be my first animation, so don’t expect anything really good! :wink:


Any tips you might have as to rendering, animation, etc. would be much appreciated.

looks nice, maybe texture the walls and add a bit more light

the modeling looks fine but your lighting and more so your materials need some serious tweaking… seems youve only got ONE light source for the scene and thats never a good thing for a scene such as this… ad a small desk lamp or something and have that be the main light and use your current light as a secondary softener.

materials…if your learning the materials… theres a good number of tutorials… ok… scratch that… so far “most” the text tuts ive seen arent very good… but there ARE blender material databases and libraries that are shared that you can chose from… from there you can help get ideas of your own of how to make better materials for your scene.

being its an animation try to avoid raymirrors and transparencies for now being those jack up your render times…

OK, I can try to do that. A lamp sounds like a good idea, and if you say I’ve got lighting problems, I probably do, being so new at this…

As for materials, could you refer me to a decent tutorial I can learn from?

Many thanks for the comments and advice!

I found some of the BSoD tutorials helpful if you want to take a look: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Blender_Summer_of_Documentation


Awesome, thanks! :cool:

As far as the lamp goes, do you guys think I should go with something more futuristic or a simpler, more traditional sort of lamp?