Speed control and alpha over problem in sequencer

Hi there,

here is a movie I made and I compose the main animation sequence over a still background using a Alpha Over effect.
This works fine.

However the moment I add a speed control to the animation strip the alpha over effect stops working ?!

What can I do to use both effects at the same time?

The animation needs to me 4 times longer so I wanted to do a time stretch with the png sequence instead of rendering all the frames!

try the speed strip properties blend type, change to ‘over drop’?

Or alter the input strip of the alpha over effect to the speed strip.

hey thank you - this helped!!!

I changed the speed strip blend type to over drop.
It was not logical to me that I need to adjust something for a speed effect effect.


I just struggled with that problem for a while, but was not able to find this page on Google (I just happened when I was about to start an identical thread), so I’m adding some keywords: Blender Video Sequence Editor VSE Alpha Over png transparency speed control effect alpha mask masking track below.

By the way, is this a bug? I was about to report it before finding this thread.

Not a bug. Born that way. All effect strips take precedence but not necessarily the attributes of the source strips below.

That’s good to know. Thanks!