speed control

When you lock location move object and lock again and render. The movement is not a consistent speed . How do I make it render at a consistent speed . Im doing a walk cycle on a sidewalk and at the end the sidewalk ( is moving the model walking in place ) stops early.
thank you

I’m not sure what could be causing that so I’ll take a shot in the dark…

Key framing (by default) uses a bezier interpolation mode. It sort of “rounds-off” the motion of key-framed objects (making things slow down as it approaches the next key frame).

–You can change interpolation modes by going to the Graph Editor (which will show a curve graph representation of the selected objects animation)

–click on the word “Key” then go to “Interpolation Mode”
–you most likely want to select “Linear”

of course . Now I feel really stupid.
Thanks for you help.
The obvious has eluded

I’m glade I could help.