Speed controler question

Is there a way to increase video speeds via time based increments? I want to speed up a video 4 times normal speed, but with the speed controller all I can do is move a sliding bar left and right without knowing how fast I’ve actually sped the video up in relational to the unedited version. I think in other video editors you can simply set the video to play back at 1.5,2,3 4 ect times the normal speed. I don’t know if blender has this feature or not but its not a big problem if it doesn’t.

with your effect strip selected, press N to toggle the properties panel for the effect strip. go to the tab named ‘effect strip’, and in the field where it says ‘multiply speed’, enter a value of 4.

Thanks, it worked. Only issue now is it takes HOURS for only a 20min clip to render. I’ve gone through and turned off or unchecked a lot of things to speed up the rendering process, plus videos in the past with more editing done to them have rendered in half the time.