speed effect

im new to blender and i wondered if it is possible to make the background “moving” wile the character is standing still, like this image: http://img93.imageshack.us/img93/1589/0008hx2.jpg

im happy if someon can help me :slight_smile:

Oh yes. Just parent the character to the camera, animate it and you’re done.

without animate it…

This is done in a Program like Gimp, Photoshop, etc. Your Pic is a Photoshop Pic, you see?
The Background is a seperate Layer and was blurred. Thats all.

Sorry for my bad english.

i know, but is it posseble to make the same effect with blender??

Hmm, perhaps with a Plane as Background and a Pic on it, and then blurred with the Nodes Editor?

thanks i will try

were is the nodes editor??:smiley:

When you find the sequence nodes and add a blur node make the blur values asymetrical. In other words make it more blur in x value to y (or vice versa).

Check out this thread.


i already made the effect in GIMP but thanks anyway…
Here is the image


You could also do this effect by using motionblur and render just 1 frame, you would have to parent everything but the background to the camera,then make a 3 or so frame animation. but its possible.