(saluk) #1

Sorry for the late announce. When we (microman, appolonius, and I) came up with the contest, elysiun was out of commision. I posted at blender.org, as well as blendergames.com, but those of you who mainly only read here may have missed it.

The GOAL of the contest is to have fun, learn about the game engine, and come up with new and original ideas while under a tight time pressure.

To facilitiate the creative process, the games must all be of a certain topic. I don’t know what genre you’ll choose, but the topic is: “games with balls”. So far I’ve had GOBS of fun with my game, its coming along really nice. I hope we get a lot of submissions, and everyone will be eligible to vote.

The official website is http://spinhead.homeip.net/sgmc.spy. Come by to double check the rules before you start, and come by again to post your submission when your through. The voting will take place in these forums.

(Pooba) #2

Damn it, if my computer wasn’t so messed up, the stupid people that were fixing it re-formated out hard drive and i’m on a school computer right now. I’m making games here though, since i have nothing better to od in web design.


(saluk) #3

Oh well, we’ll do another one sometime in the future. Think of some good topics for it.

(gargola) #4

hi guys!!! i’m still around :smiley: good idea!! just like the SMC but with the game engine! really cool.i’ll see if soon i can get time to enter the contest.by the way…nice to c ya all again! bye! :smiley:

(saluk) #5

Hey nice to see you again gargola. This contest is over actually, download the games from the site. D0ogs won with Armadillos (go d0ogs!) It was a lot of fun, and I managed to make the most complete game I’ve made since, well, zelda:)