speed in another scene

(Klein) #1


i have an plane that displays the speed of an car, wich is child of an camera.
But now i want to add more cams and so i have to have the speed plane as an overlay scene.But when i link this object to the another scene,or copy it, it doesnt work( it dont shows any speed[speed = 0]).
Does any1 know an solution for this problem?

Thanks for all answers!!!

(d0pamine) #2


at least 2 methods:

  • use messages to transfer speed value to object in overlay scene
  • use python scripts to attach speed value to GameLogic module, as long as you are using a new enough blender version – I don’t know which

For 2d method, script on car or whatever calculates property ‘speed’ would be:

GameLogic.speed = speed

and on the plane in the overlay scene you would run the following code, again the plane should have a ‘speed’ property:

speed = GameLogic.speed


(Pooba) #3

I don’t think you can send values with messages.

Use the copy property acuator, have the original plane set up so it’s not visible, and make sure it works, and then in the overlay scene have it always copy the property (its a type of property acuator).


(saluk) #4

You can send values with messages, you just can’t read in the values without a script.