Speed increases with modern processors

Oops sorry Sanemind took my time with my previous post so I missed both of yours.

Since you’re already on Linux, I am preaching to the choir here.

Good luck with your choice and if you haven’t tried Gentoo yet, I can really recommend it.

Thanks for this info JoOngle. I’m new to Linux but I’ve read up on compiling an entire Linux system. I’m just waiting for a cool script that will do it all for me maybe…hehehe.

I have to buckle down and do this for my next system upgrade.


i think that time is over now. the pentium is finaly dead. the piece of crap CPU which even needed software patches to work with windows is finaly
getting replaced by the new high efficently working Intel chips.

in the past years there was not realy an improvement because the complet pentium series always carried the crap from its first days and only with MHZ slogans people thought that intel was realy producing some cool stuff, until new chips were even slower than older ones. you just cannot overclock a bad system to long.

IBM on their side have made extrem progress as well with the cell chip.

and grafic cart systems are improving a lot.

but i think you will allways have slower render features because with new hardware also new render options will emerge.

ah well at least today you can render films on a pc in minutes which took years ago months or wasnt even possible.

would be nice.

one distribution to kill them all. custom compiled 20 hours install time off a live CD, but no cofiguration once its done :smiley:


you compiled it for 20 hours?

jesus …

Don’t forget the importance of the graphics card when doing 3D. Graphics cards have improved exponentially in the last five years, so a new computer woule give you much better performance even if the procs are similar. Ofcourse we are not talking rendering here…