speed limit on tracking movement?

In most of the videos I’ve seen on object tracking, the subject seems to be moving rather slowly like moving side to side while wearing a mask, or moving hands slowly as they are holding some kind of weapon etc.

I’m wondering if it is impossible to track an object if the speed is quick? For example, you want to put some 3d model gauntlets on a subject who is throwing a fast punch. Is this possible, or does the speed of the subject’s motion have to be relatively slow in order to track accurately?

The problem with fast-moving objects is that they have a lot of motion blur, which is difficult for the software to track. It’s not impossible, but you’ll probably have to position the marker by hand one frame at a time. Fortunately, a punch probably isn’t going to last for too many frames.
Don’t forget to use motion blur on your object in the compositor.

Steve S

thanks sounds good.

just curious, if I don’t use motion blur, what will happen?

Your CG object will look crisp while the real stuff it is attached to looks blurry, making it more obvious the object wasn’t part of the original scene.

thanks, I’ll have to mess with the settings when I start tracking.