Speed Model: Bike Pump

I modeled, textured and rendered this bicycle pump in 1:05.

I think I’m improving. Skeletor, please don’t insult me for no reason.

why would i insult you for no reason? :o :expressionless:

is that one minute five seconds, or one hour five minutes?

if it was one minute, i wouldnt believe u did the textures in that time, and wouldnt believe you at all, as its a pretty good model.

if it was one hour, i would tell u good job. and maybe increase the poly count, as it looks low poly (to me)

good job old chap

not too bad for an hour and 5 minutes, not too bad at all.

I agree with skeletor though, it does look too low poly.


1m 5s: Whoa! that’s good!
1h 5m: Hmm… needs some work.

1s 5cents: you’re the speedygonzales of blender community!! :smiley:

That’s one hour five minutes. Sorry if it’s low poly, that’s what happens when someone who’s been working in the game engine starts working with the renderer. I still always feel like it needs to be low-poly.

Sorry skeletor, it’s just… when I posted my staplers you told me I should try harder and stop hanging out in off topic, like I was some kind of newbie. I’m not really a newbie, that’s all. I’m just starting to tinker with the renderer seriously for the first time.


well, it was pretty simple

i dont really like the texture on the background.

Me neither, actually. I wanted something that looked like concrete, but I failed.

try the procedural that starts with an M. um… musgrave. and clouds.

I still always feel like it needs to be low-poly.

i know the feeling. i think the tubes texture is weird.