speed model cars

Another speed model for the current cgtalk toy theme :slight_smile:

This one took a while, over two hours, because it went from a simple car (which took about an hour to make) to a more involved scene which I wanted to render as well as possible within the time constraints. Ray tracing, ambient occlusion, and lots of lamps. Three layers altogether. Silly custom texture took about ten minutes to make :wink: All other textures are procedural.

Click here to see the finished scene.

wire view 1

wire view 2

wire view 3

This was made and rendered in 2.33 using the internal renderer with the unified renderer option, something I’m using more often these days due to greater control over the final render. I’ll give you one example: after clicking the unified renderer button, go over to the post process button and click on Gamma (the one that appears in the pp popup menu) then roll it back from 1.0 to .9 or .8) – I sometimes use this to adjust the overall lighting in a scene.


What is the “speckling” on the cars? (I think I know, but I could be wrong.) It is detracting from the overall quality…

Although I’m using AO, it’s not the ambient occlusion, which I have set to a pretty high sample rate - it’s actually a small cloud texture which I was using to simulate metallic style paint.


Although I’m using AO, it’s not the ambient occlusion, which I have set to a pretty high sample rate - it’s actually a small cloud texture which I was using to simulate metallic style paint.[/quote]

I was wrong :wink: Now that you have mentioned it, I can see the intentions more clearly. Somehow, I think that material could be improved… but I just could be dense :smiley:

No, you’re probably right about improvements :wink: :slight_smile:


About the paint, I remember this from another thread, bnbguy’s Mustang:

I don’t know if that helps, probably not :wink: , but he did achieve a nice metalic look that could possibly apply to toy cars…

Very good work for the time constraints, though I agree about the ‘metallic’ effect detracting from the quality.

Love the alloys, though the wheels seem way too deep within the wheel arches, or maybe that was delibarate because these are toy cars, not sure?

Another great piece though, but it’d be still be nice to see an image saved as a higher quality jpeg (sorry, I just hate artefacting).

Awesome work, RobertT. If I have time I’m gonna blend another entry for that challenge as well.



Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Here’s a closeup of the center car with tweaked materials and lighting:



Great model, but I think you could work on teh texture some.

Oh definitely, but I probably won’t anymore because I’m working on my Architecture entry for the wc.

With the cgtalk speed model sessions it isn’t about materials anyway, since the focus there is completely on what kind of design you can make within certain time constraints. It’s all about the mesh :wink: Most models posted there aren’t even textured or set in a scene, so this was just a little extra work to make it more interesting :slight_smile:


Hmmm one comment:

Make the plastic part of the box go back to the paper backing, and then against it forming a rectangle…

That sounds a little complex, but go look at any toy container… the plastic extends a little bit onto the paper backing

Right now it looks like “bubbles” floating on the paper…

Also the paper containers look a little “flat” perhaps some wrinkles or just shading could help.

Very good work as always though!!!

Nice work, Robertt.

I also discovered unified rendering these days, and i’m using it s well. But I found a problem:I can’t use zblur in the senquence editor when I enable unified rendering. If I do so, I get that terrible red screen.
I see, you’re usin’ also zblur frequently, so are you havin’ same problem?

Thank you.

Speed model, my butt. That’s like a year long project for me. Great work. Nuff talking about the texture, it is very nice.