speed model: digital camera

This is a digital camera I made for the current CGtalk speed model session (hi tech objects theme)…

Model + wireframe:


All procedural textures. Blender 2.33A with ambient occlusion. Flare in third angle in textured view was added in post.


I love the final render, but the real sweetness is that awesome wireframe!

That really oughta shut up some of the Blender haters! Congrats on another great project! Stuff like this makes me wanna participate in one of those speed modeling contests.

Not bad at all for 2 mins and 20 secs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, 2 and a half minute!!! I bow low here, for this is more than art.

Great, robertt!


Don’t have time for specific replies yet, but I just wanted to quickly point out that’s 2 hours and 20 minutes approximately not minutes :smiley:


Nice clean work. Well done for the time frame.


Wow, very nice job. nice final render. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool, nice render it really looks fine to me. I have one and it looks almost the same as your render. :smiley:

That is really good work Robert!
I do mechanical design for products for a living and really like the way you presented those images.

So, do you mind sharing your settings (secrets?) for that awesome wireframe image?



robert: Thanks! I did a similar wireframe for “Login” (which featured the cyber girl character) and explained how I did it in this Elysiun thread :slight_smile:

Smoky Joe: Thanks :slight_smile: Hopefully not too many Blender haters out there :slight_smile: Yes, I highly recommend speed sessions because they are very challenging.

CyberAce: That’s actually 2 hours and 20 minutes :wink:

SirVer: Thanks :smiley: As I told Cyberace that’s actually 2hrs 20min :slight_smile:

BgDM: Thank you very much BgDM!

Tr@cer: Thanks!

JD-multi: Thanks! Then maybe you have a Sony Cyber-shot which loosely inspired this particular model :slight_smile:

inkndoodles: Thank you very much! Here is the link to my wireframe thread where I explain how to get wireframes like this. While the technique involves a fusion of all elements of your model and results in 2 models (very high poly in some cases) I very much like the results because, unlike standard wireframes, you get to focus mostly on the front of the object as presented to the viewer while still being able to see “through” and behind the object. I’m glad you like it! I wasn’t sure people liked the technique since I only got one response in that thread, but hopefully someone will find the information useful. This all grew out of a need to provide “good looking” wireframes to a publisher for possible publication of my “Blossom” character. Thanks for asking!


O.o Woah… 2 and a half hours… jebus… You amaze me man!

By the way, thanks for the link to the explanation on how you did the fireframe picture (I’ll check it out in a bit), I was about to ask this question, heh


Well done, Robertt!

I just read the explanation of your wireframe-technique (I missed the thread in Blender General) - thank you for that. Your wireframes have this subtle Science Fiction look - very nice.

blade: Thank you very much blade! :slight_smile: I see I finally have some replies in that thread so I’ll go check that out.

thoro: I appreciate that. The technique may not be suitable for every model out there but hopefully it has its applications and people try it out.


Wow, RobertT you just love telling about your wireframe technique dont you? :stuck_out_tongue: Nice model by the way too

Woua!! Great stuff! I’d spend weeks on that and then… nothing.



Nice job, wireframe is excelent, and i love the style of your works.



Wow :o , I’m amazed by how clean the model is, the killer render and most amazing is the time spent. Granted, I’m fairly new to blender, but something like that could easily take me 5 hours. Luve it.