Speed model - Mad bike concept

Modeling time 1hr, render 1hr 52mins.


Colour change in Photoshop.


Sleek design Sonix :o Those shaders of yours always work some wonders too.

The background texture is a little large and strong, but not even that can really compete with the terrific curvature present here :wink:

My favorite is the middle one since it seems to strike the best contrast.


Whoa. Ease up on the chrome there. Turn it down a notch or two.
Also the ground texture is a bit too contrast to the render.
But other than that, great modelling. :wink:

love the bike. nice design… any chance of a rider?


I agree with Robertt here. The ground texture is really distracting and doesn’t fit the over scene at all. I know it’s a speed model, but a different one would definitely be better suited.

Looks like you have some serious AA jaggies in these renders too.

Great design though. Not that it would be a very comfortable ride, but it sure looks fast as hell. :stuck_out_tongue: