Speed modeled personal assistant. (texture update)

Modeling: 30 minutes
Texturing: 1 hour (having trouble with the"silver trim")
Scene set up: 5 minutes :wink:


Well, the primary purpose of this piece was to help me become a little more proficient (speedy) at modeling. This particular model is extremely simple but I didn’t have alot of time to put into it. I’m pleased with the model, but I’m a little irritated (once again) with my ability to achieve a silver texture. The screen is a screenshot of my desktop, you may recognize the background (its not my creation) :wink:

OSA was only set at 5, but other than that and the textures I didnt see anything technically wrong with it. Let me know what ya think… suggestions on fixing the silver would be appreciated as well.

hey thats pretty nice dude :o nice work in half hour, nice texture. keep up the work.

silver texture: there’s one in the demo files, IIRC. You should try to boost up both Spec and Hardness of your silver in order to get a more metallic appearance. Moreover, for general metal texturing, I’ll set the Spec color to something close the Diffuse color is, but as your diffuse color is light grey and alsmost white, I suppose we’ll see no difference. About the diffuse color: I’ll make it more white with a higher Ref value (almost 1, let’s say 0.95 or so), you could even cheat a little and set a very low Emit value to boost up effect.

Then, a little glow through the sequence editor (hey I love this, lol!) should boost and enhance the silver feel.

You should then get rid of the plastic-feel of your material.

Nice modeling, though :slight_smile:

Well, this “crome” is alot more believable. I added a circle with an image map on it to help with the reflections and it made a dramatic difference.


I noticed some edges on the dial on the right, not sure if I’ll bother fixing it or not.