Speed Modeling and first work

Well this was made in 2:30 minutes/seconds. Ohhh and im noly 13 go easy.


This is also my first this Ive made in blender. I hope you like it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

u lernt the basics of blender in 2:30 well done it took me alot longer than that

Looking foward to seeing your new work in the future

my first work was…a plane i accidently rendered by pressing f12

LOL, mine too, not exactly, I excruded a cube and made into a “L” looking thing but thats almost the same thing.

that doesnt matter. i started when i was 13, and i picked it up fairly quick. practice a lot, and read tutorials. they help a lot. :smiley:

I’m also 13, i started at 9 or 10, with a crappy version of Cinema 4D, i’ve been blendering for almost a year now, welcome to Blender, i look forward to seeing your future works.

bad news Im afraid.

Making something in 2 minutes and 30 seconds is not something to be proud of, in fact I think you should be positively ashamed. It simply means you made no real effort whatsoever.

The logo itself is flat, uninspired and riddled with compression artifacts.

I only started a couple days before this never actualy made anything and the reason for all the artifacts is that I dont know how to save it as a pic to I took a screen shot pasted it in Photo shap and then put the text in. Ohh and I wanted it to be flat.

Maybe I should have been less honest :slight_smile:

Anyway, for future refence, you set what type of format you want the image to be saved in in the display buttons (F10), then once the image is rendered press F3 to save the file. Then it’s simply a case of naming the file, and you’re done.


----Hope you keep practicing in order to achieve better results; which we are all convinced you will end up doing. Don’t give up!