speed modeling contest: landscape

Here is my picture for the “blender clan” speed modeling forum.
The snow is not very good, but i did not have so much time to improve.

All is done in blender 2.41. no post effect (exept my name!:))

Take 6-7hours of modeling/composing/rendering.

Really nice image;) the snow goes well with your image.

Wondered if you did the blur with nodes ?

“no post effect (exept my name!”



and 2.41 doesnt have nodes.

Nice image, I love the atmosphere.

You got some artifacts in the water. Really cool image, nice geometry, flows together pretty well.

Very good image. Very beautyful effect with the lighting. Composition might be better, but this is just a personal feeling. For a speed modelling contest top-notch! :slight_smile:

Wow, wounderfully done. I love it :D. It being a speed modelling entree…thumbs up! Great job.

How did you do the DOF? I downloaded the version of blender which has nodes, bud don’t menage to get DOF.

I like it! :slight_smile: The rock in the pond looks fantastic.

Only complaints being the lens flare and the snow material (looks to cartoony IMHO), but I like this piece a lot. Thank you for posting it!

Thanks for your greatings!
I’m sorry about the snow and artefact, but i haven’t so much time to rectify them.
Dof was done with Zblur pluggin. (the easy way for now!)