Speed Modeling Contest

Speed Modeling Contests are held at #smc on irc.freenode.net .

For those who do not want to use a real IRC client you can connect now using webchat.freenode.net (Enter in a nickname) Channel: #smc . Use Auth if your nickname is registered (recommended on doing if its your first time)

What is IRC?

*Note that both smc and sdc(speed drawing contests) contests will be automated by the bot in the channel smcman.(Includes sculpty, materials, and 3 part challenges/contests)

To find a real IRC Client for your system see this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_IRC_clients

SMC Rules:

  • You will be alloted 20 min extra at the end of the contest to render, or upload your image. (smcman will private message you an upload link to upload your image)
  • Your composition must be 100% new and cannot contain imported objects and models.
  • You must finish within the alloted time or you will be disqualified
  • These competitions are not limited to only blenderSDC Rules:
  • Use any medium you wish except 3D software.
  • Your composition must be YOUR own creation.Other Unique Contests:
  • SAC (Speed Animation Contest)
  • SSC (Speed Sculpty Contest)
  • S|/|C (Speed Materials Contest)
  • 3 Part SMCThese contests will be explained on request if anyone wants to do one.

Participants who have participated in an smc should not vote in the smc they participated in.

Channel Guidelines (quoted from freenode):

  • Polish your catalyst skills. The catalyst role is key to keeping channel interactions friendly and efficient.
  • Look for the best in people. If you assume people have no self-control, they’ll confirm your belief. If you look for personal responsibility, and ask for personal responsibility, most people will respond well.
  • Set a good example. Be what you want other people to be. If you want them to be calm, be calm. If you want them to be courteous and friendly, be courteous and friendy. The habitual behavior of people on a channel is the most powerful influence on newbies arriving on the channel.
  • Be nice if someone messages you.
    Avoid highlighting and repetition. Words and sentences in all-uppercase, heavy use of highlighting, beeping (^G) on public channels, repeating the same lines over and over–all of these behaviors irritate people and raise the channel temperature.
  • Avoid emotive speech. Slang pertaining to sex and sexual orientation, excretion and religious oaths is rarely used to discuss the applicability of those topics to your group’s activities.Emotive speech raises the channel temperature.
  • Avoid sensitive material. Some users on freenode
    Additionally, some of our users connect to freenode
    channels, particularly on public channels, are quite young. Others are parents or teachers who might have young children nearby.
  • Avoid advocacy debates. BSD versus GPL, vi versus emacs, centralized versus decentralized, RMS versus ESR: these discussions are frequently religious and may not involve significant new ideas.
  • Take critiques to private message. Criticizing someone’s behavior on channel holds them up to public scrutiny in a negative way. It’s usually overkill.
  • Don’t be elitist. Today’s newbies are tomorrow’s experts.
  • Don’t be caught by support burnout. It’s nearly impossible to answer every technical question that comes to your channel.
  • Avoid flooding.

Smcman Admins: protocoldoug, sdlfk, mfoxdogg, ddwagnz, Firebird8, scabootssca, sirbangalot
Smcman Developers: Protocoldoug, mfoxdogg, sdlfk, scabootsca, and ddwagnz
Smcman Owner and Operator: Protocoldoug
Channel Ops: Firebird8, protocoldoug/sirbangalot, fried

Reporting an Issue with Smcman:
did smcman screw up?
…then ask ddwagnz, sdlfk or mfoxdogg to restart it! protocoldoug can too of course, but, if he’s not around :slight_smile:
Noticed a bug? Well hey, we NEED YOUR HELP! But… you can do a lot better for us, just follow these steps:

  1. Note what time the bug happened
  2. Copy what the bot did, that is, from the channel
  3. Post the bugged output in a pastebin
  4. Use the !report feature, and report your bug like this:
    !report Smcman did [specific thing here] and here’s the output: <Pastebin Link Here>


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well, this is the first reply to this post, but i was wondering what is the time when most people are on, becos whenever i go on, there is about 1 person who is on, and they are at work.e.g.

id like to compete in more, but there neva seem to be ppl to go against.

look at the times when the most smcs are posted in this forum.
this should help you. :smiley:

u must be on the wrong network or somtin…
theres usually at least 5 people there…

Stop replying :frowning: just come by the channel if you need some help