Speed modeling entry: Ooohhh careful there boys....


Yes, It´s the new year with new speed modeling contests around the globe
awaits. And here´s my entry into the new year (A Local Danish forum).

Modeling and rendering: 3 hours straight!
Program and renderer: Blender 2.40
No post processing except for the texture that was made in the Gimp.
The hand-models where one hand rigged quickly with the now-so-fast
rigging tools in Blender…made that a real breeze.

The rockets texture says in Danish:
Party-Fireworks. Brand FUSER -…sort of slang for a “mis-fired rocket”.
Warning label says: Careful! Remember to leave when the rocket is lit.
Never hold the rocket in your hand when lit. :wink:

And that´s actually good advice…especially for these naughty boys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks very good, except the fingernails, which are awfully long and have a somewhat weird shape. Great concept too.

edit: But, you know what it needs? Flames in addition to the smoke.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah… Nails = butt ugly. But you know it… speed modeling entry, so it cant be changed (well it can…but I don´t want to cheat) :wink:

The particles where “thrown” in the last 10 minutes. No time for post-pro either, the rigging made it possible though - I did think about doing it manually but realized there where no time.

Very impressive for a piece done in that time span !!. I really like the way you modelled the paper at the bottom of the rocket and the way it twists round. I reckon you should win with that piece as I find so impressive what you have managed so fast !!. Good one JoOngle