Speed modelling entry: Starwars "like" object

I participated in another 3-hour Speed-modelling & scene session at a local graphics board, and here’s my Entry:


All done in 3 hours with Blender 2.33a, SuSE 9.0 Linux & The gimp 1.3 for fake DOF.


it does look like a light saber lol. Looks good to me:)

Wow, u did that in three hours? I could never do that with my crappy ATI 16meg graphics card, it takes forever to blend with it. :frowning: I need to get a new one. Nice pic anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

The texture on that brown bit is awesome, really realistic render. And to model that in 3 hours is great.

wow thats amazing work for 3hours…
I wish the Speed Modelling Contests in elysiun still ran… or anywhere for that matter.
Is the “grip” (the bit that looks like ridged black rubber squares) modeled [or] a textured mapped to normal normal [or] a displacement map???

  • emk

Thanks guys (you’re kinder to me than I’d be to me…hehe), :slight_smile:

Anyway , the rubber-grip are manually modelled, no displacement
or texture at all.

I’m glad you thought that the texture on the laser-emitter head
look realistic, because I wasn’t sure of it myself. It’s a non-smoothed
surface with Blender procedureals combination: Musgrave / Voronoi
and a stucci bumpmap.

The modelling itself where actually done in 1-1/2 hours, had the next
1-1/2 to beef around with textures and lightsettings…I wasn’t entirely
satisified with the metallic reflections, it looked too “washed out” to me,
but hey…