speed of blended actions

Hi All,
I just now experienced that after some time of work in blender - so maybe 3 hours (only modelling) all the actions like moving of vertices, moving with the view etc. have started to be slower. No problem with the processing - everything was working fine, but jsut it was slower. Than I restarted blender and - everything started to work faster (normal).
Do you know that why?

Search around for the infamous “ATI Slowdown Issue”


Depending in how much memory you have it could be the undoing feature being up too high, that would slow it down considerably if you only have say 512MB of RAM.

I have 1.5 GB. I will check the issue on the link…thanks

ohhhh… the problem is that I’m having ATI MOBILITY FireGL V5250 - (driver version 8.362.0.0). if I go to download ‘catalist’ from ATI page they have only for V5200. If I try to install it it crashes with message - ‘didn’t find correct driver’ - funny…does anybody has some ideas?..its just going slower…and slower …(notebook Lenovo t60P)

it looks that I have solved it - it was necessary to execute the installer manually. The driver at first unpacks + than I have to start the exe file manually… :spin:

Next time, BUY NVIDIA.