"Speed of Night" - A Cinematic Nighttime Car Animation

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I created this animated short in early February 2020. Rigging & Animating a car has been a goal of mine since beginning my journey into 3D Animation! I spent some time searching through SketchFab for just the right vehicle to use. Thankfully, I was able to find an excellent Corvette Model by Artist “ALEX.STD”, after which I optimized for use in Blender and readied for the rigging process. Creating the environment was relatively simple, but required some patience with regards to navigating it and keeping things in order.

I utilized VFX Elements (such as the exhaust smoke) by importing “Images as Planes” and set the animations to be Cyclic with Alpha Blend. The whole project was rendered in Eevee and took me a couple of weeks to produce. I composed everything in Adobe Premiere Pro to finalize the short. I’m new to Blender and 3D in general, and at the time I made this I was only using Blender for about 2 months, and before that I’ve only played around with 3D software like Maya a few times. It’s constantly inspiring to learn more about this remarkable software and to see all of the incredible things people are able to create! I truly hope you enjoy this project of mine, and I’ll be posting more of my old and new projects soon!

Due to this project, I’ve been able to learn, refine, and even share some of the skills involved in Rigging & Animating a cinematic car scene. I’m excited for the opportunity to work on more projects like this!

My “How to Rig a Car” Tutorial Series

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