Speed Racer A whole new world 2 (WIP)


The world of speed racer like youve never imagined on blender
become the speed racer ,try out a variety of cars from off road
cars to fast cars take your ride with you and complete the story.

SpeedRacer a whole new world 2 is a game made on the Blender Game Engine. Its all about becoming the speed racer by doing races that will give you enough money in order to change your cars appearence. The game will be designed in such a way that it will expose you to different environments and terrains. So this game will allow the player to experience and explore the New world of racing on blender.

Visite the site: K-Studios

Title: Speed Racer a whole new world 2
Developer: Kineknet studios
Powered by: Blender Game Engine
Current info: Works in progress
Genre: Racing
Release date: Unspecified

The Demo:
!!! Being made already (Expect it in August) !!!



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The release of a demo is still uncertain as its official trailer is being made currently.
This Game will have to act as the base Game since Blender Speed Racer A whole new world is no Longer available and cannot be downloaded.

The Main aim of this project is to see how Good blender is when it comes to making racing Games. So far only showcase Model’s have been shown as images.

so I just have to polish it up I will notify yaull when
I will release the official game.

Awesome looks cool, are their any AI?

Fred. B this looks Amazing:D
Any idea on how to get the car engine sound I need help?

Yeah I will explain further in a weeks time.and yess theres AI.

Thanks for the reply:)

Marvin, What I do to make car engine sound is loop a small section of car engine actual sound, then using python change the pitch of the sound while it’s looping, you can also record a bunch of samples, then change pitch and change the sample for more accurate sound, it’s not perfect, by it’s pretty fitting to my more cartoon like games!

Thanks i will see about the sound.

Its been goin pretty slow I haven’t found enough time to complete my project
but I will let yaull know in some months time about my progress.

I aim on a Game that will not push PC’s to their limits but instead it will
run smooth on all PC’s delivering quality gameplay.


Nice, can’t wait to play:yes:

I have been recently experiencing technical as well as hardware issues
the project is still on hold.

I clicked on download on your website but it just brought me back here. Instead of downloading your games demo

hey Man look the Links Broken and I removed it not long ago cuz people said that the files
were corrupt.

Yeah so basically a Trailer is Being Made !!! but for now the project
is still set to Go Slow. i hope that you Guys Like the Showcase pictures
because it has come to an End , that ive been posting so Many showcase
pictures so a Demo is Being Made as well as the Official Trailer !!!

Ya so thats it for Now !!! The Official Trailer is being Made !!!

The Demo:
[Comming soon] windows
[Comming soon] Mac
[Comming soon] Linux

!!! May 2016 News im currently finding textures ,ive decided to retexture the Entire Game Properly so that it looks Good. Ive also been watching more tutorials based on the New Lod system which is cool.
I started working on the Demo since the beginning of April.hopefully sometime in Late june expect some news about the progress of the Game.

This was the demo i was making last year and eventually i dint get to finnish it. And as i mentioned earlier in the above thread that i am currently busy with a New version of the Demo this time for this year i said that i would be retexturing the whole Game From scratch since the textures i have are not suitable for Display.

So guys have a good laugh at what was done last year because this year im presenting something a bit more neat and propper. please comment on how you feel about the project so that i can better it:

April 2016 (New DEMO):
This is what was done last month (April 2016) so im officially retexturing and recreating the Demo.if you were viewing or supporting this thread i thank you guy’s very much.

The 2015 DEMO:(no longer workin on)
The Game had no car shadows no paint reflection and no lag at all.
Thanks to viewers i do my best to make things professional and work well
pls feel free to suggest on the project.