Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 (WIP)

(Fred/K.S) #61

Don’t worry guys im just showcasing the cars that will place a significant role in the official demo iam preparing for the Blender Artists Community and the rest of blender Gamers.

For me personally its all about exposing the players to real cars ,Cars that were once acknowledged for the many great races that were won back in those days.
ive really done my best to make these cars look Good for the Game !!!
!!! Stay tuned for more !!!



(Fred/K.S) #62

Take note guys this is Captured in Game Engine footage as a Standalone exe file:

So please let me know what you guys think about what’s coming:

So players playing the Official Demo will have the ability to view the upcoming Gars that will feature in the Game.

This vehicle viewing scene has been very well optimized it runs smoothly on most systems its stable ,This shows many New possibilities for the final release of the game if i can make it that far.
Stay tuned for more upcoming content on Speed Racer A whole New World 2 (Blender Racing Game)



(CG Sky) #63

Wow the cars look really good! You may want to watch out with licensing when using real car manufacturer logos. Looking forward to the demo! Keep it coming :slight_smile:

(Fred/K.S) #64

Oh Hey man thanks !!! Im happy at least i have a player that will play the official Demo ,the Demo is really going to be an awesome game i also can’t wait to start playing.
Iam also planning on putting some in game cut scenes where you’ll get to see other racer characters from the Blender world of Speed Racer A Whole New World 2.

  • It should deliver a great blender racing experience im talking visuals ,Graphics at the same time delivering the optimal performance of the game.

Right now the screenshots i posted above those are exactly how the cars will look like in the Game.
In the Vehicle Showcase scene they will be only 15 Cars to be Viewable (because its a demo firstly)
I will Give players certain Cars for specific races ,players will only be given the chance to choose what car they would like to drive only in the 2-Player Mode of the Game and not the Demo’s Singleplayer Mode.(The Reason being that in single player its like a mini story mode where things will happen according to how the Singleplayer mode is supposed to be played.

Thanks CG Sky i will make sure that i release this demo some time in March this year together with some videos asside.

Thanks to all the Viewer’s as well i truly appreciate that Guys.

Working as fast as i can !!!


(JohnyBGooD) #65

I like the blurry car icons!

(Fred/K.S) #66

Oh that blurry effect ,ah well i didn’t want to show people all the cars before at least i release a video
So this is for the Fans:

Who Likes:




Please let me know down in the comments below you guys can also drop the names of the cars that you’d love to see in the vehicle showcase scene and also drive before the Demo drops sometime later in March !!!
Please let me know as early as possible there’s still time for me to make atleast 3 More cars for the Game…


(rubeki) #67

Camaro: http://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/201611/chevrolet-camaro-tur-8_600x0w.jpg
maserati: http://www.maserati.ca/mediaObject/sites/international/Models/granturismo/gallery-slide/2016-05-27/OK_DSH7926_GT-MC/original/OK_DSH7926_GT-MC.jpg
Jaguar: https://www.carpixel.net/w/20744a112e6ea206e7b88035815eaf04/jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-car-wallpaper-60583.jpg


(Fred/K.S) #68

Ok thanks thats cool rubeki i have already got the blueprints for all the 3 Cars this could take 3 to 4 months making them since these are latest models. I can’t rush making Models especially with Cars so yeah man i really like the Jaguar F Type R its a Driving Beast on Eurpoean roads !!!
Thanks so much for the suggestions i truly appreciate them.

Thanks Guys !!!


(Fred/K.S) #69

So im making quite some Good progress and so far the Track is almost ready for showcasing the Cars now in the actual world of speed Racer on the BGE !!!
However everything is still RAW (un-Optimized) so it might take up some more performance than its optimal use on a Normal GPU…


(Fred/K.S) #70

Hey guys ah im having troubles with Occulsion Culling as you can see above i designed the interior for this car and its not showing instead all the meshes i joined together to make this car what it is and for every mesh i un-ticked the Backface Culling under the Materials tab on Game Settings but still i see through the other side how could i resolve this issue?

The only cars experiencing this issue is the Challenger and my Chevrolet Chevelle…(All my other cars are doing fine !!!)



(Daedalus_MDW) #71

turning off backface culling should be used sparingly, since it doubles the geometry.

it could be the glass material, make sure all materials are set to Opaque, but the glass to Alpha Blend.

with no info, this could be very difficult. maybe just dont use occ culling?

(Fred/K.S) #72

Thanks man it finally works im well off now thank you so much.


(Fred/K.S) #73

Ok so let me explain a couple of things about the systems ive put in the Game. You see these Wallpaper showcase images ive done yes , that’s exactly how the cars will look like in the game or even better since its got a new HD System.
The Lighting system has been optimized for performance ive added lod on lights in the BGE which works great at the same time using an advanced HD system ive designed its so performance friendly if you’ve got the recommended specs for your PC which i will release a week before i upload the official demo. Overally the dynamic lighting plays a significant impact on the paint textures ive applied to the cars its so detailed that it even shows the glossiness of the varnish on the paint of the car which looks also great on a Samsung UHD Curved display !!!
(yep ive already tested it on a 4K Resolution it looks amazing just the Main Menu and the vehicle viewing scene. This coming week i will be working on gameplay so making HUD’s speedometers skid marks all the basic elements and components that make up a racing game.

!!! Afterall its for the players (Blender Gamers & The rest of the blender artists community) !!!


(Josip Kladaric) #74

Hey Fred,
I like optimizing and making materials, would you like some help ?

(Daedalus_MDW) #75

as far as i know, the bge doesnt do in-game aspect ratio changes from the set resolution(top option, not the one with the fullscreen check box). i recommend optimizing the game for a 16/9 (720p/1080p/4k) aspect by setting both the resolution values to 1920x1080.

the bge will auto set the resolution to the desktop(bigger if the desktop option is checked, but always will reduce to match). anyone with a ratio thats not 16/9 will see black bars(provided the scaling is not set to “scale”).

you can set the resolution via python, but thats not really helpful, unless the user needs to set the game to run lower then desktop for performance. a bridge to cross when it comes, i say.

most screens today are 16/9 (commonly 1920x1080) or 16/10 (commonly 1440x900 or 1920x1200).

(Fred/K.S) #76

TO Josip Kladaric yeah sure you are free and welcome to help just know that im not selling this game so don’t expect any income or to be paid this is for fans for the players. The main objective to achieve from this project is Good reviews lots of players ,Fans and to attract more programmers and developers so that we can start selling our next Speed Racer A Whole New World title we can make a sequel with this and tell amazing stories. [ The next official title i plan on selling is A Whole New World 3 (basically makin a sequel)], we need to give the BGE a Great name (because i mean look at Unity its a brilliant software look i know we have UPBGE and its good ive used it before but im using BGE now so maybe it’ll make a difference.) Thats the plan over here guys if anyone wants to help please do your help would be much appreciated. (Please notify anyone who would also like to help/Contribute in this project.) otherwise private message me and lets get started and we’ll see what needs to be done.

To anyone else who would like to help in this project on the artist community !!!


(Fred/K.S) #77

Daedalus_MDW oh yeah thanks man yr really good with suggestions yr part of the team man i must say you have really helped me this far man i’d just like to say thank you very much. And True i use Extended Scaling for the Game but as you say man i will optimize the game for a 16/9 (720p/1080p/4k) aspect by setting both the resolution values to 1920x1080 trust me i don’t think that there will be a huge framerate loss due to the components and features that i have put !!!

you can set the resolution via python, but thats not really helpful, unless the user needs to set the game to run lower then desktop for performance. a bridge to cross when it comes, i say.
i think that i will have to be detailed under Options scene for the game that scene is a scene that has to provide the necessary settings that the player needs incase the player experiences any issues running the Game i believe that lag will come to pass here and there on the Low end pc’s but i believe thaf with settings the game will be playable ,even if theres slight lag it must be playable. On my pc right now it does great i tested on my friends low end laptop i3 ,4G RAM and windows 8 it really pushes that pc to its limits despite the fact that he’s running an integrated Graphics Card.(That PC was running at its MAX)

Another objective of this project is to ensure that this Game runs perfectly on all integrated Graphics Cards im talking Celeron ,i3 ,i5 all those because i noticed that blender uses RAM for the scenes of the game so if u have an in game scene where physics and Graphics are being processed by blender at the same time it puts all the weight on the Processor and also the RAM.

Iam aiming at 2GRAM as part of the Minimum system requirements for the Official Demo and the Final Release.(if anyone had NFS Prostreet ,or NFS Underground or even Most Wanted 2005 on their PC’s look how well EA optimized their games at the time !!!
Look at GTA Sanandreas a huge well optimized Open World that runs almost perfectly on most PC’s.


(Josip Kladaric) #78

I would like to make some materials and textures for your game, for free. Can you give me a download link to a map you have so I can see the materials in action and test the framerate?

(Fred/K.S) #79

To: Josip No problem i will have it uploaded later this Week for anyone who’s interested in perfecting the project !!!
Say tuned for more content !!!

STAGE 2: of production of the final demo of the game that has been scheduled for release in Late March …
Normally i don’t like to set dates but i have too this helps in me covering up most of the game (parts that make up the complete demo)
What Stage 2 is all about is implementation this is a major step forward for the BGE and its future i know that we already have a fork which is UPBGE but it is not of a great significance in this project at this point !.

Implementation is a process where systems get put into a final or BETA version of a product however for Speed Racer this plays a significant part , what iam doing right now is im currently putting all the systems together carefully and systematically using a simple technique. The games graphics has been perfectly integrated using an advanced lighting system i spent 2 months working on ,Optimization is also a Key in every system enabling it to run perfectly as well as maintaining a constant / Optimum framerate. (Monster helped me understand Frame rates in yhe BGE i spent 2 weeks on that trying to understand how to balance between performance and Graphics) Im on Step 2 of 3 so far the textures have been redefined (Mixed,improved,Re-Downloaded) shadows are still choppy (everyone knows how bad BGE shadows are)but the Stunning Dynamic Lighting is already working perfectly so now the Demo needs Cut scenes and all the basic components (such as speedometers,Lap Progress bar’s, backing Lights,Car engine sounds and also but lastly animated characters) so this is to everyone out there who’s viewing and supporting the project there is still a long way to go guys i know that players want to play as soon as possible but don’t expect everything as this is also one of My first racing Blender Game project wich i will finnish.

There will be delays here and there but i will make sure thats there is something playable this year !!!


(Fred/K.S) #80

Hey guy’s here’s the Alpha demo i worked on early this year in January
for anyone who would like to work or help by enhancing this project
please do you are free to download and edit it according to what you like…

!!! Here’s the Download Link !!!

iam really behind with work so hopefully by next week i can upload some Game play Footage.

Thank you for your support !!!