Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 (WIP)

(Fred/K.S) #141

Thats True ey i noticed that bro !!!
But BGE is stable and it runs all my game projects smoothly i must say im actually Impressed The level of Stability is amazing bro)


(3D Upgrade) #142

Hey Fred, your game looks pretty good. I plan to start a youtube show called 3D Upgrade where I take a model from a Blender game and try to take it to the next level to inspire the original developer. Would you like to participate with one of your cars ?

(Fred/K.S) #143

What car do you like ? jus let me know how will you do this ?
and will it be of a good impression to viewers ? will you give me back the upgraded model back with its High details so that i can use it in my Trailer’s or even Gameplay?

I need a Brief description of what you’re tryin to do then maybe i can agree to it.


(3D Upgrade) #144

You send me any model you want, I analyze it and find ways to take it to the next level. Then I record a video upgrading your model and send you the upgraded model back with the link to the video.

(Daedalus_MDW) #145

get the hell outa here. one video on your channel, which by the way is garbage, is not convincing. that channel is only a week old by the way.

id bet all your doing is trying to get free models. post alot more content of your own, and then, you might be taken seriously.

(Fred/K.S) #146

I cannot just give models just like that bro i ve been working hard over the past 5 years on models i only started using blenders game engine in 2015 and these models play a significant role in this game so sorry bro you cannot have access to any of my models at this point in time wait atleast for the full game to come our then we’ll talk.

The graphics dont have to be Super realistic as long as i have customly accurately made models then i think that its good for the project and by the way its still a new upcomming blender game of 2017.


(3D Upgrade) #147

There are millions of free models on the internet far better than the ones used in this game. I’m not trying to steal anything, I have 13 years of experience in Blender and can make it on my own. This is my new account and the youtube channel is new because I just started it.

I will use models from other developers, you don’t have to participate.

(Daedalus_MDW) #148

words are just words. until you solidify your reputation, it will be questioned.

now, lets stop derailing this useful thread.

(Fred/K.S) #149

!!! New Content comming soon !!!

Remember to stay tuned

This Month i will begin to showcase some of the Cars i couldn’t before now with the power of the BGE i will reimagine what i did before when i first started this project !!! Thanks for all the support guy’s !!! ( While i finnish off the official Demo)


(Fred/K.S) #150

Hey guys im just exercising here and testing out how bge and upbge are effective with these Graphics tests below:
(It looks like im not going to be doing any Post Processing or any PBR for now as im leaving it for Later i just want to keep it simple here with the graphics)

And here i tested a Highly derailed scene where i used this Skybox and added the ocean … This was running on a Nvidia GTX 940 it runs at a Rock solid 60fps.

Behold here’s a Screenshot of in Game Engine Footage on the Low end it runs at a rock solid 30fps Shadows not added yet but the graphics are standard !!!

And Lastly here’s a Taste of whats comming soon later this year !!! (HD Crystal Clear Graphics system)

I wont lie but this Graphics System needs significant improvements but i must say that overally iam impressed at what it does already !!!

Thanks for supporting this thread guys more content comming soon this month !!!


(LioKon) #151

Looks great:) Only thing I’d mention is that those small rocks dont really blend well with the terrain^^’ Looking forward to further progress for sure

(Fred/K.S) #152

Speed Racer A Whole New World 2’s Simplicity at its best is basically a response to blenders activley changing Game Engine Environment.

Now why am i saying this! Iam simply saying this because
Well the whole point of the idea behind this is Stability while during Gameplay and at the same time rendering sustainable Graphics at a High Resolution in High Definition afterall thesedays its all about quality !!!
Today as i was improving my 3D Models i quickly made these wallpapers images:

Slowly but surly the official Demo is on its way as well as the Official Trailer im glad to have good supporters on the blender Artists Community !!!

Thanks for viewing my thread i !!!
The Graphics of what you see in these wallpaper screenshots the gameplay results have been refined and look way way better than in this screenshots.
!!! Be Sure to see it in the Coming weeks !!!


(Benny_Flex) #153

Those cars looks super good. I will try it.

(Fred/K.S) #154

Oohhh thats only the tip of the Iceberg !!! Theres more comming !!! ( I must say it has been a bery very tough July this year but im working very hard on gameplay as well as sustainable graphics Cars are just a Bonus to the Game)
Im happy for your feedback thanks for supporting my thread.


(Fred/K.S) #155

Heres a meanwhile update for early this month !!!


Here’s another one:

And heres the last one i optimized the Graphics for smooth performance however whwn i was testing i noticed that the dynamic sky changes as the Sky effect buggs a bit i decided to further inspect the Graphics system this is the standard medium settings with shadows turned off to save performance:

All done by me Fred/K.S keep supporting and i’ll be back with more for this month…


(Fred/K.S) #156

This was how i set up my showcase scene early this year ive optimized it for Low-End PC’s. It runs above 30fps…

The official demo should be able to showcase interriors for vehicles …

Doin my best with as much optimization as possible for Speed Racer A Whole New World 2.


(MarvinCJames) #157

The game is coming along nicely, keep it up

(Fred/K.S) #158

Hey Guy’s im so happy for the progress thats taking place quickly ive improved quite a bit of things and im polishing some stuff for the official Demo.

These wallpaper Screenshots are one of the many ways i choose to express and explain about how the demo will be like?

I would Gladly Like to present the MEDIUM Graphical Settings of the Official Demo !!!
(Though they may not be HIGH in Graphical Details i would say that it suits the Gameplay)
What you see has been optimised for smooth Framerate, Gameplay & Good Performance of the Game “ALL THANKS TO UPBGE”.

UPBGE really does well at running optimizations This particular seen that you viewers are seeying in this picture above has been optimized by me several times and has been tested on both systems.

The High End And The-Low End

  • The High-End being a PC That Run’s an NVIDIA Graphics Card
  • The Low-End being the laptop im building the game on its an i3 Processor 3rd Gen Intel HD 4000

Read More Below


(Fred/K.S) #159

I have noticed that UPBGE has the ability to take SPEEDRACER A Whole New World 2 to the next Level by using the many advanced methods and techniques used and demonstrated by previous fellow artists using UPBGE & BGE.
(Methods such as PBR, Post Processing Effects, Global illumination, Ambient Occlusion, Screen Space Reflections, Dynamic Lighting,etc… You name it all guy’s)

Now Because i did not make use of much of those Methods ive decided to stay on RAW Graphics right inside blender’s Game Engine and Highly Optimized Thanks to UPBGE now the Game plays at a Rock Solid 30 FPS and even above on the Low-End PC’s Enhanced for INTEL HD GRAPHICS …

And on the High-End at a Rock solid 60 FPS !!!

However i am still working on the Gameplay Side of things to get things Right both Graphically and Performance Wise !!!

Thank you so so so much for all your comments and feedback it is truly much appreciated !!!

Ive already BETA Tested with some friends and so far the results are good !!! However im finnishing of some realy important things that polish up the game and keep things True !!!

UPBGE’S Gameplay plays above 30FPS ON THE Low-End whereas on the High-End it plays at a rock solid 60FPS

I must say that the Vision for the project is to deliver the best possible racing experience Both on the Low-End and on the High-End !!!
(Always Working On The Best Possible Optimization Technique)


(Fred/K.S) #160

Hi everyone Fred/K.S back with performance testing here !!!

on the Left is on of my testing Machines particularly an i5 7thgen with Geforce in it 8GB Dedicated graphics installed and on the left is an i3 3rd gen with no graphics card just RAW intel HD Graphics 4000

The official demo runs well and is stable thanks to upbge and my brilliant optimization work now im polishing the gameplay this week and i will showcase some gameplay in a video im planning to upload soon.