Speed Racer Mach 5

Speed Racer V2.0

I call it that cause the First Speed racer car that I had made got deleted in some freak glitch when I was backing up my work. The new model is a huge improvement over the first attempted at making it. This one has complete modeled treds in the tires, head lights and overall smoother body. The ray tracing is also improved compare to what I did last time.
This is the Original Mach 5 I made for you could see the difference.

It took about 3 days to make the new one compare to full week I spent on the first model. These are my first two attempts at car models. It took about 4 to 5 hours to render. I’m running a P3 800mhz so I’m very limited. Hope you like

Nice work. You definitely used what you learned on the first one to improve v2.0.

One thing I noticed about the new one (probably only because I’m comparing it to the old image) is that the seat and windshield area is indistinct. Maybe it was too bright in the first one, but in the new image, it’s so dim that you’re losing some of the detail and the feeling of the glass windshield.

Otherwise, it looks great.

Wow, a P3-800. I have one of those still running, but I haven’t used it for 3D in while. Maybe I’ll use it for network rendering when I try some animation.

Looks like nice modelling. Dont like the car design though. Also the cabin interiors seem detailless and … uniform… Maybe differend color seats… . panels etc?

Looks good!
no. 2 is definatively an improvement.
I think the wheels and the headlights are a little better on no. one tough.
But really nice modeling!

The first model doesn’t have headlights and I thought better detail on the wheel would be better unless your talkin about “M” being on top of the tire.

I especially like the original, but these are both looking pretty good (though, I think there’s a few smoothing errors on the fenders). I couldn’t place something weird at first, but I think it’s simply the lighting – a three- or four-point rig or Lightcuts would probably score a bunch more cool points.

Whats the transparent things under the very front of the car then :confused:
I don’t know what it is about the wheels, they just look better in the original.

I like it. It’d be cool to see a grinning pilot in the cockpit.

This is some what fixed. I try to get a better look for the window shield and Brighten up the color of the seats for a better texture look. I’m going to add a driving wheel since you can actually see the dashboard now with the new window.