speed sculpt from a cube

Just a quick sculpt from a cube, i could go up one more level and add detail to the ears etc, but my system slows down too much for speedy concepts.


Wow. Very nice for a cube sculpt. Very nice anatomy. He does look a bit swollen though.

how long is quick? how many verts?

padfoot Thanks, yeh in know he looks like he’s been through the wars, that was kinda my intention, if i took it to another level i could smooth things out a bit.

PapaSmurf I took me about five hours, that’s quick for me lol. the vertex count is 395206

Great use of sculpt…

Thanks folks, i’m starting on more of a realistic character now, here’s the progress so far, i’m really starting to enjoy sculpting in blender. I’ve mainly worked on the mouth area atm, next stop his nose.


Here’s my starting geometry for this latest head, very simple, i’ll re-topo when the sculpt is done, which is something i haven’t explored in blender yet.


A little more progress


Here’s the first sculpt done, ill now re-topo it and then sculpt the fine details


that is one of the best sculpts from a cube i’ve ever seen
i thought i was doing good with sculpt till i saw yours, then I almost fell out of my chair!
you should write out some tips and tricks you use, especially for sculpting things like the mouth and nose

Thanks Jeepster, nice to hear from you, have a look at this tutorial about head anatomy, its very clear and to the point, recorded for mudbox but the techniques translate well for blender. The secret of sculpting human figures is 10% knowing your tools 90% understanding anatomy. Here’s the link http://eat3d.com/free_mudbox_head

thanks!! I’ll watch that now :slight_smile:

Great, the techniques used are pretty much the same as what i do, cut into the mesh, pinch and smooth, it’s the anatomy that’s important. Just checked out your sculpt thread, i really like some of your animal sculpts.
I’m just starting to model a low poly base head mesh to sculpt from, modeling from a cube is great fun but you always have to re-topo things at some point which is a pain.

Here’s one I’ve been working on today


handlebar - Keep it up man! Wonderful sculpts - Very clean.

its really disapointing seeing stunning scupts to then find out they are zbrush. this is great to see on the otherhand. brilliant

nicktechyguy Thanks for the kind words, i’m having fun learning blender sculpting, really looking forward to 2.5 and the optimisations.

dvandamme Thanks, i’m finding blender a pleasure to use for sculpting, i used to run a 32bit windows system and found it to restricting as to what i could do, i’m now on 64bit linux and the extra ram has made all the difference.

BTW the clay material in the last shot is from the blender materials site, it’s really nice to work with, here’s the link.

handlebar - in a clash of art verses tech, heres a question… for that level of detail you need a very high poly count. can you put up some poly counts and system specs for working with it? is everything working realtime without any sluggish response? i dont have any really complex models in blender yet and so a subdivided box up to 90k verts isn’t very indicative of blenders abilities.

Sure thing, my pc isn’t a power house

Intel® Core™2Quad Q6600 2400MHz
4gigs ram
nvidia 8800 512

For the last render, i used a base mesh, not a cube, which is by far the best way to go. so far i’m on level 5 multires (ve 233040) with partial redraw turned on.
I can quit happily go up to level 6 (ve 924896) without any performance loss. Level 7 (ve 3891008) and things start to lag a little but still workable.

Hope that helps. The whole starting with a cube thing was more of an experiment as to how far i could push my system. Start with a base mesh with loops in place and blender works fine.

righteo, thanks for that, useful to know. have fun with the next sculpt