Speed Sculpts

I’ve been doing some speed sculpts again lately (maybe 1hr/ea) – the control scheme in Blender is so fast! But I can’t get over 430k polys before the viewport gets too slow.


I always think I’ve got a likeness down, but most of the time it only works from one angle. I screwed up the GLSL trying to show the normal mapping on the second one.


You obviously have an excellent understanding of both anatomy and Blenders sculpt system. I know that this is only a tiny part of it, but I’d love to see a good basic tutorial on how you created these. /me goes to google sculpt mode…

But I can’t get over 430k polys before the viewport gets too slow.

Jeez, what kind of processor are you using? i can’t get over 50k polys before my whole computer about shuts down…

Excellent work! How long did each of these take and what are your pc specs?

(maybe 1hr/ea)

Ah, I guess i skimmed this part. I would still like to know your specs though i can maybe push the poly’s up to 100k before blender crashes.

Great work!
You can sculpt really good!

Thanks guys!

I’m at 2GHz and 2GB RAM, with a 256MB video card (GeForce 7600GT). These are at about 27,500 polies each; I can still work comfortably at the next level, about 100k, but the level above that, 400k, is too heavy, so I can’t do creases or “high frequency detail”. I hope I can upgrade soon!


These look really good, you have anatomy down pretty good.

Also you could take them to 400K and still work on them with out lag, ofcourse saving and going in and out of sculpt mode will take a few seconds, but if you hold down Ctrl + Shift + B you can box select faces that you want to remain seen, the other faces are hidden, unlike the alt + B method, this actaully speeds up the viewport and it doesnt draw any unseen faces.

A good use for this would be to box select in side view, the front of the face, then work on it with the high detail level, and then select the sides and/ or back to work on etc.

Great sculpts! Particularly like those serene faces. As for performance I have pretty much the same thing where rotation and zooming starts to lag somewhere around 400000-500000 polygons. However, if I turn on ‘Sculpt->Partial Redraw’ the brushes are still fast (despite the jerky zoom and rotation).

well, im running a P4 1.8Ghz, with only 128mb RAM and the standard graphics card…

Im surprised my computer hasn’t vaporized during some of the projects i’ve been working on. And after taking out virtually every luxury of windows xp (i know, linux is better), ive been able to hit about 450k polys and still go smooth enough for my patience.

I think it’s a problem with my tablet (worn out Graphire2); whenever I get above around 100k, the pen pressure sort of randomly jitters. Like, while I can do a smooth line either really slowly or with a quick ‘slash’ at 100k or below, above 100k even using partial redraw and the box select feature it’s depth will be ragged. (Also contributing to my tablet theory’s that whenever I try ‘smooth stroke,’ I have to readjust the ‘tablet strength’ setting.)

Certainly sounds like there is some problem with that tablet of yours, I use an old artpad II and I have no such issues. As for mesh performance, I find that I can do a full body with pretty much all the detail I want in around 50-100k. Of course that excludes extreme detail such as pores, but wrinkles and such are no problem.