Speed-sketch WIP eye

Fixed the angle of the photo, but have one those warm orange lights in mu loungeroom hence - lighting…

Not having picked up a pencil in about two years I’m opting for a quick freehand sketch to warm up on…

Will update as I go.

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Good start. Very nice.

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More I look at this the more I love it, which is the only quality that must be present to determine whether a work is just an image, or art: that ability an image has to make you love it.

Ordinary images can be as perfectly proportioned, coloured and composed as they like, but still only manage to ‘grow on you, eventually’, much the way a boring partner might - you get “used” to them being there.

Artwork however, demands you look and makes you love it very quickly: the more you look at it, the more you love it; the more you look at it, the more you love it; the more you look at it,…

I’m positive that what I’m talking about here is whether an image holds a soul of it’s own: that is the difference between a ‘good looking’ image, and art.

Course inanimate objects cannot contain a soul, but this is the word we use as a placeholder for whatever that quality is, because ‘soul’ is easy to conceptualize and understand.

In other news: a little restocking of materials seemed in order, so I swung by the art supplies shop on my way back from shopping this afternoon and grabbed a general assortment of different grades…

Totally like, the littlest shopping spree ever, but I already have a half bucket full of varius artist quality coloured pencils (including around 40 ‘vintage’ Derwent pencils I was given aas a birthday present some twenty-odd years ago when I was about twelve years old, so I really just don’t need anything.

I don’t technically need graphite pencils even, but refreshing my stock certainly doesn’t hurt.

Still though, I have never understood nor understand right now what the point is of graphite pencils graded ‘F’ and I would assume the letter F means FINE, but why?

How hard is an ‘F’ pencil and if it’s meant to represent FINE, well aren’t ALL artist quality pencils supposed to be fine grade anyway?

I still don’t comprehend the point of F, though grabbed one anyhow :thinking: