Speed test for video cards

anyone has the thread for video cards speed test ?

looking for the quatro 2000M 3D

is this a good card for Blender GPU render ?

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Dont buy a new GPU now, Nvidia is coming out with the new Volta architecture soon, its literally made for content creators, instead of gaming.

just renting a workstation for some heavy rendering and video for 1 month

my small machine is not fast enough LOL

so just wondering if this card that comes with is good for blender rendering
and how fast it is


got the machine
does it make a difference for such a small video card
to use GPU ?

what do you need to set up the GPU
is it only in render panel
or need also to modify user preferences ?

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No it’s not. Quadro 2000M is laptop “workstation” GPU and it’s not that good since it’s low end one.
Further there is no need going Quadro unless you absolutely need “workstation” GPU

As for raw power of GPU you can use this website

You have to set the Cycle GPU Compute Device in the Preferences to be able to use the GPU, or it will be greyed out in the Render | Device slot.

I don’t know how fast it will render, from the benchmark (if it’s the M2000) it’s slower than a GTX 950.

If he meant M2000 (2000M is different card) still no point going with it unless he needs “workstation” card. For rendering in Blender for that $ better to go with gtx 1070ti which will have twice more vram and more than twice faster in Cycels

I’m afraid that’s too late, he already got the rented workstation with that card :smiley:

But if he need to rent another workstation again, it’s better to list all the graphics card available to avoid these kind of surprises.

Guys, what is available for rental is usually not a-la carte. For example, leasing a workstation from one of the Big Box suppliers like Dell or HP you’ll only get options for a small range of Quadros, or perhaps FirePros. They won’t offer desktop cards like the GTX series.

If I was doing this for rendering I’d be looking at something more substantial like a 4000 series, and preferably something in the Pascal series. Or possibly a motherboard with dual or quad processors and sufficient RAM and going with CPU rendering.

right now it is rented so not really a choice!

just have to set it up for the fastest render
and it is an I7
will do a test with change to the user preference and see if it makes any differences

but thanks for feedback
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did a test with GPU and does not look faster
almost equal to CPU rendering time

I did not change the tiles
not certain if this can change a lot the time

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gpu likes large tile like 256x256 or even larger depending on gpu ability
cpu likes small tiles like 16x16 or 36x36
speed will change drastically

change tiles to 256
and I got a memory CUDA error

anything to be correct that ?

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got the description for the card


Graphics card Quadro M2000
PCIe 3.0 x16
4 x DisplayPort
for ProLiant ML110 Gen9
ML110 Gen9 Base

so it has 4 GB but got a memory error on GPU rendering
but the scene I had was very simple one
any paramaters to change may be ?

in terms on speed got to find some comparison !

strange got this description form another site
If some of those specs sound familiar, it’s because they’re similar to the GeForce GTX 950. Both the Quadro M2000 and the GTX 950 are built around the GM206 GPU

Read more at https://hothardware.com/reviews/nvidia-quadro-m2000-review-affordable-pro-graphics#vq64mBWxDi7SKKmy.99

it should run way faster then what I measured

there must be some parameters to be set to get good speed on blender

anyone can help with that ?

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can anyone help to set up this card so it works on GPU
faster then on CPU !

I did set the tiles at 256 but still not going faster
there must be other parameters to set but which one ?

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