Speed Texture Challenge #1 - 2/23/11

Welcome to the first Blender Speed Texture Challenge!!

These are a serious of small contests that challenge you to use your texturing skills to texture an object.

How does it work?

We provide a model, you unwrap, texture, and upload a screen-shot.

Can I change the model?

No, you must leave the model as it is. The only thing you can do to the mesh is add seams and unwrap. You may not add any of your own models either.

What do I do?

Download the base model(link below), unwrap, make a material, make your texture, make a screen-shot IN REALTIME in the blender game engine(Press P). You may use any game render mode(GLSL, Multitexture, or Textureface)

Other Information:

If you use any textures from the internet or a texture pack, please say so on your image. Also include “Model By Mokazon”. If you do not know how to do any of these things, reply here for help. Keep textures under 2048*2048. You may use as many textures as you need and two materials. When submitting your entry, just upload a screen-shot of the texture model in realtime BGE, and include a picture of your textures and UV layout. There is also a maximum of 3 light sources.

If you have any other questions/concerns/ideas, please send me a PM or reply here.

Base Model

Model Preview:

Deadline and voting is this Sunday


Early on, I just feel like you need to expand a bit on the requirements - if I choose to use GLSL, it’ll have better lighting and can have normal maps and shaders. If you want to restrict it to base textures (perhaps even without lighting, using Shadeless materials), that should be stated in the first post. Good idea, though.

Joeman16 - no, you are not restricted to shadeless. As I said, you have a maximum of 3 light sources. You can use as many textures as you need, diffuse, specular(I’m not sure if it works yet in BGE), normal maps, emit maps, etc.