Speed up Blender VSE Final rendering

Hello, not many talks about speeding up final Video render on the video editor in Blender.
I have around 3 hours of footage, and it’s taking around 10 to 12 hours to render these with medium quality settings,
There are not many effects added in the project, just 3 hours of already rendered footage but with an animated Logo footage added in the very beginning, yet it’s taking all this time.

Any tips?
Any hope how can I just add the animated logo footage to the already existing 3 hours video without re-rendering the entire project?
Also, can anybody link me to a tutorial that taps the topic of speeding up VSE renders?


The VSE is single threaded so it won’t take advantage of extra cores on the CPU, but you can run multiple instances of Blender! Here is a script to do that https://github.com/jendabek/BlenderRenderController

Wow, this looks like a great tool, I will check it out! thanks a lot for the efforts, and sorry for the late reply!

Looks very cool :slight_smile:
Though, after importing zip-file into “Addons” (Blender 2.78 prefs, OSX) no new “Blender Render Controller” is listed. Also I see no access to the BRC panel as shown in video. May I have I missed something out?

Kind regards,

Latest version: https://github.com/RedRaptor93/BlenderRenderController/releases/tag/

Thanks! Yet this is only a pc version, right?

It’s not an addon, it’s an external program that splits your sequence into as many parts as you have cores and then renders all those parts at the same time.

Ah, I understand. Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe this helps too

Very nice, thanks!