speed up equirectangular render

I set a scene in cycle composed by 6 planes forming a cylinder, each one have a different video mapped on it, my idea is to exporting it with equirectangular camera and use it as a 360° video.
in the scene there is no other meshes, the only material used is the planes material: an emission with the video as texture…
I disabled Sampling and light path settings, but the render time for one frame at 4K resolution is 19 sec on my computer…it’s tooooo much :frowning: …3 minutes video means almost 24 hous of render!! :S
and finally the question…
help me please to reduce the render time!, may i use light path in some way ?


Does the render itself take the time or BHV creation, loading and other stuff? If it is the render, what is your current sample count and setup? Emission material should clear very fast, so maybe only one sample is enough. Turn all bounces under Light Paths to 0 (probably you already did that, but just in case).

it’s about only the render time, sample count now is at 1 and all the setting under light paths are disabled or at zero.
i have done other tests, and the problem basically is the output resolution, time now are: 1.64 sec HD resolution, 8 sec 4k resloution, it seems that the time increase exponentially in relation to the resolution…i think i will wait…anyway, thanks

Well, as pixel count increases exponentially in relation to linear resolution, so does render time. 4K has ~4x more pixels than HD.

I am doing about the same thing. How much memory do you have and what are you rendering with?