speed up particles

is it possible to speed up particles. if i set the “norm” value to 2.0 the paticles travel just 2 units per frame, but i need much more. the only possibility i found is the manipulte the “time” value, but then the particles dont do the right thing to the right time of course.

perhaps anyone got a similar prob


Yeah I have the same prob here…but why do you want to speed them? for making a laser? if yes then make a tube with a build effect and with a halo material and then a particule system (I never try it but I think it can work.) If this what you want tell me if it work or if this is not what you want then tell me what you want!

If someone have a better solution for making laser in anim. please write it here!

X-WARRIOR wrote:

If someone have a better solution for making laser in anim. please write it here!

Well, I started writing a couple of tutorials on lasers. The way people make lasers alternately astounds me and exasperates me. Some are so good, but some are so bad. I have a fairly decent way of making lasers that also works for making lightsabers; this first tutorial applies it to making still images. It’s a first draft, so I would appreciate feedback - whether it’s helpful or totally awful.

Here it is:

Yep, it’s Geocites…

i need it for chain gun bullets. fast moving halo particles which produce a good bullet effect with motion blur.

in the video i want to do have to be several hundreds of chain gun bullets.

thats why i need fast particles

meestaplu: good tutorial :o . i always wondered how to make good lasers. i’m looking forward to the final release.


I use the Force values. They go up so high that you never really see the particle for longer than a frame or two at max. Don’t know how well that will work for shell casings, however. For lazer stuff it seems to work just fine.

he he, i use the force too.

the only way i found is using a lattice and make the particle emitter parent to this. the particles get REAL fast :slight_smile:

but then i still got the prob, that the particles wont track the armature posing for which i made its own thread :frowning:

thx anyway guys