Speed Up Video Rendering Process?

Hello guys,

is there any way to speed up the video rendering process when there are lots of static frames? I have a slide show of some facial expressions and there are like 50 frames with one expression only (static, not moving), then for example 25 frames with a transition between two expressions and then again other 50 static frames.

The renderer renders every frame regardless if anything changed or not. Is there any way to tell Blender not to render the static frames and just repeat in the sequence those, which are already rendered?

Thank you!

As far as I know you can’t unless you do it manually in some other mess of a program (or the sequence editor). I do have a recommendations however, if you are animating a face don’t leave static frames.

Sorry, didn’t see the word slideshow. Render the image and save it then use the VSE in another blend to patch them together.