Speed warping effect

Do you know how to get this effect: http://images7.alphacoders.com/387/387780.jpg
It’s from the game Grid 2 and I don’t know how to make the speed-distortion effect of the background.
If you can also post any tutorials about composition (filter), I’ll be glad to take a view.

My guess is it was made using a directional blur in photoshop or gimp.

Should also be able to get similar by having the camera as a child of a moving object and animating that object’s movement through a scene. Then turn on motion blur when rendering and make sure it’s at a frame where the parent object is moving. Then adjust shutter speed under the motion blur setting.

For that scene the parent of the camera would be car in the foreground.

And if you look carefully at the way that blur was applied, you see for example that the outline of the traffic-light and of the more-distant street lights is not blurry. It’s soft-focused but there are no streaks. Ditto the trees. You can almost-read the signs on the light poles. Probably, there are several different layers going on here, and some of them (such as the buildings beside the road) are very streaked out from the camera’s infinity-point in a sort of “bow-tie” shape. There’s also a lot of “smoky” noise, some horizontal flare applied to the headlights but not to the cars, and so on.

So, this is a skilled motion-graphics artist at work. There are a lot of different visual components here, and they’re being individually treated and then comp’d together to produce a stylized effect that is un​-realistic but very visually-exciting. If we were talking Photoshop, I can pick out several dozen layers.

In Blender, you’d probably use nodes in a similar fashion: extracting the various parts of the imagery using RenderLayers, treating each “channel” in some appropriate way, and then combining them.

Thanks, here there’s a my own image, only a simple render made up with your indications.
It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. Maybe I should increase the Vector Blur’s samples (here 65).