Is Blender too slow for a large game - say an mmorpg or FPS? I mean graphics-wise not client-server communication.

If you learn all the tricks and optimisation techniques Blender can make great looking games, but it is hard work.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Could I ask you to give me an example of what kind of optimisation is needed to speed up processes (not code - just a statement)? Thanks

-Blender doesn’t natively have LOD, so you’d have to make that, but that should save you quite a lot of frames (esp. once dynamic loading/freeing is implemented)
-Using occlusion meshes when appropriate, such as in hills that have a lot of geometry behind them
-Cutting out every single polygon that doesn’t serve a purpose on your models, packing UVs as tightly as possible onto as few textures of as low res as you can get away with
-complicated scripts can often be run every other frame or even less frequently, to improve average framerate (for example, if particle systems are updated every other frame there’s not really a visible difference, but performance goes way up)

Thanks for that.

If somebody knows any article link about this, it would be very useful… and Thanks