Speedcube Design Help

My name is Trent, and I have a goal of designing a new speedcube, or Rubik’s Cube puzzles that have specialized internal mechanisms to allow a cuber to solve more fluidly without errors. Some of the more well known ones are the Gans 356 Air, Valk 3, Moyu Weilong GTS2, and one of the most well known outside of the cubing community, the Dayan Zhanchi.

However, I really have little to no experience with blender or 3d design, and I’m essentially working on this project blind. I just need general tips, recommended tutorials, or even some one on one guidance (if able, of course) to make a viable speedcube. I do have rough basics and shapes down, but to do all the grooves and round parts is confusing me. This is where I need most of my help.

If you want refference on what some speedcube mechanisms look like, here are a couple 3d rendered promotional videos for two current speedcubes.

Valk 3:

GuoGuan Yuexiao Pro:

I would appreciate any help or assistance from the blender community. Thank you!

Welcome to BA, Show us what you have so far. We can give you a push in the right direction or provide with some help if you have any problems along the way. Your chances are slim of finding a tutorial on how to exactly model something and giving step by step instructions would be too time consuming.