Speedflow [$] - Modeling Addon

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Really great asset made with Speedflow and my workflow by Poligonit

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Great addon!
Usually we have multiple bevel modifiers. Is it possible to add an option to temporarily add some color to selected bevel modifier while scrolling using Left/< and Right/> buttons? So we can directly see on the object which Bevel we need to edit.

I would love to have that, but not possible right now.

Hey guys, Speedflow is -25% off for the black friday!

Is there the updating version for 2.80?

Not yet! I’m working on it :slight_smile:

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2.8 version of Speedflow is in a good way!


Is it ready to use in 2.8 ?

Soon, still working on it.

Thank you, can’t wait to start new project with it.

Speedflow is available on Blender 2.8 (use the last version)
Gumroad and Market.

Note on 2.8 version:

Speedflow and companion are available on Blender 2.8 (alpha stage) !

You can use them if you want, but it will be normal to experience bugs and issues since the add-ons are in alpha stage.

I post the addon only because people are asking, so, n o need to report bugs and issues at this time.

Just use the addons and update them when the new version will be available :wink:


Have you supplied this plugin to Blender?

Market? Yes.

Hi pitiwazou, thankyou for this.
Is on the road (RMB Pie Menus) for 2.8 version?

Yes, later, I need all my addons, I use them a lot!

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Thank you for your update.
I’m looking forward to Asset management, too! My favorite addon.

I just bought SpeedFlow, the text on the top left corner overlaps the “Perspective” text any way to move the speedflow text down abit?

Yes, check the addon preferencesn you can move it and scale it.

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