Speedflow [$] - Modeling Addon


Since we saw how to make a Non-Destructive asset with Speedflow, let’s see what we can do whit it!

HD, LD, Subdiv, variants? That’s the point of this workflow!


Hi how can you make this

Just the inside part I would appreciate if you can show me I have bought your addon

I would make a model and use a normal and transparent map for the holes.

Please make it possible to change the font in the settings as a percentage, because when I make settings for a 4k monitor everything is fine, but when I switch to a full hd monitor, everything turns out to be large and I have to adjust the text size again for this monitor in the settings.

Don’t work on 1080P monitor ^^

It’s on the todo-list :wink:

I’m considering between boxcutter and speedflow, I don’t know which one to commit to :confused:

It would be nice to be able to set boundary smooth option in subdivision surface modal preference. (new feature in 2.91)

Yes, I’ll make an update soon to add all the new options, subsurf, booleans, etc.


Any update on this?

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I’m on it, my freelancer job takes all my time, but I’ll make it available soon :wink:


Hey Wazou, have you found a workaround or solution for the screen area join shortcut in the last year?

Not sure if this is known, but, in ‘Menu’ view, ‘Solidify’ becomes ‘Tubify’.
And when switching from Menu to Pie, the hotkey reverts to Spacebar.

Ok I’ll check that, thx for the report :wink:

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1 vertex. nice!


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Which rotation addon did you use?

Hi @pitiwazou - I’m in the process of doing a clean reinstall/config of Blender for the 3.0 release. Does Speedflow require an update for any of the API changes and, if so, do you expect a 3.0 compatibility update to release soon? Or, is the latest 2.93 release also fully compatible with 3.0? Thanks!