Speedflow [$] - Modeling Addon

Pretty cool stuff you’ve achieved so far mate. Can’t wait to get my hands on these new functions.

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can I call out individual tools from speedflow? Am I locked into speedflows Pie structure? Can I asign the Pie to any key?

If you want to use the addon with pie menu editor or with custom pie menus, you can call the operators.
I did that on my rmb pie menu for example.


I made a tutorial for a 100% Non-Destructive Workflow on Blender that allows you to create different versions of an asset and use them for games (Low/High), Subdivisions or even, use it with bevel shader or Remesh it with Blender or Openvdb addon.

I hope you will like it!


Wazou strikes again!
Super impressive.

I just had a polygasm!

Lol :smiley:
Glad you like it :wink:

Speedflow is very nice.

I wish Blender could come up with a way to speed booleans editing. It seems Fusion 360 handles them pretty fast while looking very smooth.

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I think what you mean its done with the Array not the curve itself.

In the array modal, you can choose start and end objects :wink:

pitiwazou, thankyou for the great non-destructive workflow tutorial on gumroad. Is this a series? Are there going to be more?

I’ll try yes, with mode complete assets.
This one is to learn the basics.

Hey man I was wondering if it would be possible to have an option where you can simply use Shift-Wheel or Ctrl-wheel instead of Up/Down / Left/Right. Its the only thing I find that kind of breaks the flow having to move your hand away to reach those arrow keys. I was gonna change them to be QWES but they interfere with some other stuff so I thought that would be a good solution and pretty fast too.

You can use < and > to switch between modifiers.
Up and down are less used.

Not sure I understand what you mean. I can select a different bevel by using left/right or reorder modifiers with up/down. I use both but I have to move one of my hands away in order to reach the arrow keys. So the Shift/Ctrl Wheel would feel much more intuitive.

<> on the keyboard will switch between modifiers.
The wheel is used for ther mouse option, so we cannot use it.

Those <> keys don’t work for me only left/right arrows. But in any case is pretty much the same. By the way while holding shift or ctrl and moving the wheel up/down it doesn’t have any function.

Yes it does in mouse mode.
And how I do that wheel function on my pen ?

I’ll try to find something.

Good point I didn’t know you worked with your pen. I was actually using it in Tablet mode. Thanks for considering it.


As a long time user of nurb/t-spline true parametric 3d modeling. Theirs no comparison between Mesh/polygonal and nurb Booleans, mesh Booleans are a bad joke. Mesh/polygonal Booleans are a corruption not a tool.

No entirely sure what the difference is regarding Booleans operations but Blender current Boolean system is almost unusable unless you do pretty simple stuff.

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