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Using Tubify; You start with a single edge loop (line), shape it, bevel the verts, to your desire. Then convert it to a Curve, then Tubify and maybe add another Curve as a profile, Great. How do you get back to edit the Curve?

If you did this in Curve Properties and added Geometry/Beveled/Depth the original Curve is still preserved to shape.

To edit the curve, go in edit mode or launch the modal, I don’t understand sorry.

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Thats ok, Thanks for trying.

For people who did not know there is a new video at the gumroad tutorial link above. post 482 or 483. Thanks



I tried to get on discord but could not so I am posting here until that is straightened out. This will be of interest for other blender users. Do speedflow and speedflow companion work with this build? [Custom Build] Blender 2.79.6 Weighted Normals & Customized modifiers Thanks

Yes, I use it all the time.

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Hey guys, look at this :wink:

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Really great asset made with Speedflow and my workflow by Poligonit

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Great addon!
Usually we have multiple bevel modifiers. Is it possible to add an option to temporarily add some color to selected bevel modifier while scrolling using Left/< and Right/> buttons? So we can directly see on the object which Bevel we need to edit.

I would love to have that, but not possible right now.

Hey guys, Speedflow is -25% off for the black friday!

Is there the updating version for 2.80?

Not yet! I’m working on it :slight_smile:

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2.8 version of Speedflow is in a good way!


Is it ready to use in 2.8 ?